5 top tips to make 2020 the most productive year ever!

5 top tips to make 2020 the most productive year ever!


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Desperate to make 2020 the most productive year ever? Well, the new year has arrived and as you dive in head-first it could be easy for all the things you want to achieve to start feeling more than a little overwhelming. And you’re not alone.

It seems like everyone is in the same boat right now, setting sail in search of ‘New Me-land’. No doubt your various social media feeds have already been flooded with a tidal wave of plucky resolution makers hoping to live a year of dreams, and worse, people raving about how you absolutely have to give 110% to make 2020 your year too.

First of all, you can’t give more than 100% to anything, it’s mathematically impossible. So forget the overeager people trying to sell you on their hyped up dreams. Secondly, you can’t even give 100% to something unless that is the only thing you want to achieve in 2020.

Despite the external pressure to pursue a relentless, frenetic, goal-smashing lifestyle, you’ll have far more success by taking a modest, measured approach and spreading your energy wisely and calmly across all the areas of life evenly.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what other people say. Life is an absolutely subjective experience, so why would you weigh up your life’s achievements using someone else’s scales? All you need to know to make 2020 a success is what success personally means to you, then set out to achieve it with some good old-fashioned willpower… and maybe these five handy hints below.

5 tips to make 2020 the most productive year ever

Avoid negative people
This one doesn’t need a lot of explaining. Negative energy brings everything and everyone around it crashing down. Avoid it, and its sources (usually negative people). While that might seem obvious, we’re going to throw “positive” people in here too. Overly positive people that is. Social media is laden with false positivity. If someone’s life looks too good to be true, it probably is. Ignore it, stick to your goals and follow your plan to get real results.

Create Positive Habits
In case you missed it, we’ve already done a great blog on creating positive habits which could really help you out in 2020. Ultimately, habits save energy. While maintaining awareness is important, the more parts or your day you can do on autopilot the more energy you save for the areas that require your active attention. Combining habits can be even more effective, as discussed in our blog on developing a productive morning routine.

Keep it fresh with themes
While you should definitely have long-term goals that run throughout the year, working towards them can get a little stale. Monthly themes are a great way to keep things interesting. One month you might focus on balancing your diet, the next you could see a new side to the place you live by taking a different route to work every day. It’s not about setting the world on fire, rather adding variety on a regular basis for a richer overall experience.

Don’t dwell on the undone
When tracking your goals (and it is very important to track them) it can be easy to focus on everything that still lies ahead. Taking this view makes it easy to start feeling overwhelmed. Remember to look back at all the things you have already achieved, big and small, for some positive perspective. However, as you look back, be careful not to focus on the things you expected to get done already but didn’t get across the line yet. These are not failures. They are simply delayed successes waiting to happen!

Be brave. Do less.
We kind of touched on this back in the intro. The demand from the world around us to overachieve is a very real threat to our happiness and ultimately (ironically) our ability to achieve anything truly meaningful. Take stock of what matters to you and set your goals accordingly. And if you later see something shiny out in the world or on social media, before you go chasing after it, ask yourself “Is this really important to me?”. Chances are if it wasn’t part of your initial yearly goal setting, the answer will be no. This will help avoid wastefully pursuing things that hinder your ability to make 2020 the most productive year ever.

That’s it. Nothing too complicated. Just five simple tips to help you start the year right and make 2020 the most productive year ever. If you want a some great additional detail on how to keep your eye on the prize, be sure to check out our blog on creating a Weekly Review: a ritual to becoming more productive.

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