5 ways to get motivated

5 ways to get motivated


Ever heard someone say getting started is the hardest part? You’ve probably said it yourself. The trick to getting started is finding effective ways to get motivated.

We all find ourselves in a bit of a rut from time to time and it can be hard to get out of. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you! Here are five simple ways to get motivated, stay motivated, and leave your rut behind for good.

5 ways to get motivated

Think big. Start small.

Set big goals. The kind of goals that dreams are made of. The ones that are worth crawling out of any rut for. But remember to set small goals too. The kind you can use as stepping-stones to get you out of that rut. Big goals are incredible motivators, but they can have the opposite effect if it feels like you’re never getting any closer to them. Big goals are your bonfire, burning hot with flames ten feet high and lasting forever. But it’s a lot easier to get it started with small dots of lighter fluid here and there.

Make a playlist

Okay Firestarter, time to make a playlist. Music is a massive mood influencer. It’s packed with emotion and has a tempo that can set the pace to anything you’re doing. Can you think of a moment when a song has put a smile on your face and a spring in your step, helped you to run that extra mile, or simply to get out of bed in the morning? We can. Music has power. So, make yourself a power playlist and harness that energy!

Take it easy

It might seem counterintuitive but resting is the key to keeping on going. Always allow yourself to take regular breaks and absolutely make sure you get good night’s sleep. Without managing your pace and energy levels properly you’ll soon burn out. Burning out not only brings everything to a crashing halt, it can lead to a negative change in self-perception and make it hard to get going again. Stay rested, stay happy, stay motivated.

Just keep going

Whatever life throws at you, keep going. When you have days where you are ill, injured, or the weather just isn’t playing ball with your agenda, be flexible. Change your direction for the day, but don’t stop. It’s far easier to get ‘back on track’ than it is to start building momentum from zero again and knowing that challenging circumstances didn’t stop will boost to your motivation when things return to normal.

The time is now

Yes, now. Not Monday, not the first of the month. Today. Right now. This is the end of the article so there is no more to read. Don’t waste another second. Just go for it!

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