6 Tips to Personal Goal Setting

6 Tips to Personal Goal Setting


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It probably doesn’t come as a shock that we can achieve more by being organised, but the first thing to consider is what we want to achieve.

Starting off with setting personal goals helps provide the focus we need to get organised and stay on track, so we’ve included some handy tips below. Give them a go and see how the right motivation can help raise your personal organisation and productivity to the next level.

Personal Goal Setting Tips:

  • Make big & small goals: A long-term goal to work towards is an important motivator, but a big goal on its own can seem too far out of reach and actually have the opposite effect. Having smaller milestone goals is a great way to track progress and you will be far more likely to reach your ultimate destination.
  • Celebrate the little wins: Smaller goals aren’t just to keep you on track, they are achievements in their own right. Reward yourself for a job well done and you’ll find reaching the next one much easier.
  • Set a timeframe: By having time-restricted goals you will be far less likely to procrastinate. Make sure all your goals, even the smaller milestones, have a deadline attached and it will keep the fire of your productivity burning. Just make them realistic. A little time pressure is really helpful, a lot is unhealthy.
  • Adjust timeframes, not goals: If time is getting away from you on a particular task, try to adjust your deadline rather than the goal. Cutting corners to hit a goal on time is where organisation starts to go out the window. By allowing yourself a little extra time you can keep your process and organisation in place while still achieving goals.
  • Write goals down: If you’re like us, your head is a very busy place and only keeping a mental note of your goals can lead to long periods when they are pushed to the back of your mind. From using written checklists to inspiring images, by bringing your goals to life and keeping them in an easy to access place, you’ll have consistent visual motivation for achieving goals. Twasme’s flexibility allows you to visualise goals in the way that works best for you, all stored in a single easy to track location.
  • Get started: Your goals don’t know if it’s a Monday today, or New Year’s Eve, you can start personal goal setting any day, any time.

Go for it! Try downloading Twasme to start tracking and achieving goals that matter most to you today. Available for free on the App Store and GooglePlay.

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