A Digital Age of Paperless Organisation

A Digital Age of Paperless Organisation


Save Time and Trees with Paperless Productivity

From the parchment of ancient Egypt to one of the world’s most “revolutionary” productivity tools – the Post-it – haven’t many of our “new” organisational methods over the years simply been different versions of the basic pen and paper?

The Rolodex, Filofax, photocopier, and filing cabinets – while these may all have been the best options at the time, looking back it is clear to see just how messy and inefficient all these stacks of paper are. Not to mention bad for the environment! Something had to change.

The (Almost) Paperless Digital Age

The dawn of the digital age has seen far greater innovation, increasing personal organisation and paperless working at the same time. Without a doubt one of the biggest advances in this area has been the introduction of apps. Today, markets like the App Store and Google Play have an app for every aspect of organisation we could possibly imagine.

On the surface, the explosion of technology in the digital age seems to have helped improve things, both for organisation and going paperless. But are we simply replacing the clutter of old pieces of paper with the clutter of apps?

The average person has between 90 and 110 apps on their smartphone.

But only uses 30 to 40 apps regularly.

– App Annie

Even in the digital age our information is still often scattered and hard to track down. Hands up those of us who have ever lost a digital file we definitely saved somewhere?…

Yeah. That’s right. Raise that hand up nice and high. Something needs to change, again.

And it has…

The Twasme Revolution

We created Twasme to help do to apps what apps did to paper – ditch the clutter from our lives and take personal organisation to the next level.

No more using 100 apps for 100 tasks. With Twasme’s innovative storage you can collect everything you need in one app, while its flexible structure allows you to sort information into the order that makes most sense to you.

Twasme ensures everything you need is in one convenient and easy to find location, with 24/7 instant access. Empowering you and your family to save time and energy for the things that matter most to you.

Try Twasme today, available for free on App Store and Google Play.

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