Boosting your Autumn and Winter motivation

Boosting your Autumn and Winter motivation


Boost your Autumn Motivation

As we bid farewell to the intermittent periods of warmth fondly referred to in the UK as ‘summer’, it can be hard to maintain our autumn and winter motivation. Perhaps this is to do with the shorter days and longer nights, or perhaps we used up all our energy and optimism with twelve weeks of praying for weekend BBQ weather.


Either way, there is still so much to be achieved in the final three months of the year and we’re here to boost your autumn and winter motivation. Here’s how to make everything from Halloween to New Year’s Eve as productive (and fun) as possible!


5 autumn and winter motivation tips:

  • Review your goals

With most of the year behind you already, this is the perfect time to sit down and assess your goals. Are your annual goals on track? Do you need to reassess a timeline? What are the things you absolutely must achieve before the end of the year? Updating your goals like this is a great way to bring them front of mind and inject fresh energy into achieving them.

  • Spot seasonal hurdles

To give yourself the best chance to achieve your goals, you need to consider what could stop you doing so. That way you’ll be better prepared to overcome any obstacles. We already touched on shorter days and longer nights, will daylight impact how you achieve your goals? How about the cold weather? Don’t forget how events like Christmas dominate this time of year. Maybe you should plan like you have less than 3 months to work with, so you gave time to enjoy the festive period to the full.

  • Declutter your home

This is something Twasme is all about. Decluttering life, your home, your phone, all with a single app. And there really is no better time than now. Autumn and winter is when we are likely to be spending more time inside, so make it the most pleasant and positive environment possible. If ‘the weather outside is frightful’ make inside delightful. Your home should be a haven for productivity and positivity where you can escape the dreary outdoors, get stuff done, and relax in that all important ‘me time’.

  • Surround yourself with inspiration

Speaking of ‘me time’, make the time you take for yourself quality time. Surround yourself with as much inspiration as possible to keep your autumn and winter motivation at its peak. Whether books, films, music or your favourite people, fill your home with things that make it impossible for you to feel like you are ‘stuck indoors’.

  • Have things to look forward to

Create some milestones so that it always feels like you are moving forward. Why not plan a Halloween scary movie festival with friends, a winter holiday on the slopes, or a New Year’s Eve street party? Twasme is great for planning stuff like that, and by sharing tasks with Twasme Share you don’t need to plan it all alone either.

Don’t waste time missing the ‘summer’. Make the last three months of the year the best three months and end 2019 with a big bang of productivity, with Twasme.

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