Wrap up your Christmas time management

Wrap up your Christmas time management


If only we could get a handle on our Christmas time management like the big guy in the red suit. An entire year of preparation followed by one night of seamless execution. From storing toy production manuals and elf labour contracts, to live editing the naughty & nice list, Santa must be a certified Twasme power user! (Possibly with a little Christmas magic on the side.)

Luckily, for those of who don’t have a small elf army and magic reindeer to boost their Christmas time management, we have the next best thing – our ‘4 Festive Tips for Christmas Time Management’:

Don’t put the reindeer before the sleigh
At such busy time of year, it can feel like everything needs done at once, but it’s important to not rush into things. Take a moment to plan out the various demands on your Christmas time management and prioritise each task. Perhaps start with something small to get the (snow)ball rolling. It’ll build in scale and momentum from there.

Try not to dwell on the present
No not that kind of present. The present. The here and now. If you lose sight of your ultimate end goal, you might start putting off the less attractive tasks on your list. That’s when your Christmas time management can fly out the window like Rudolph off a roof. Focus on the happy outcome rather than the arduous task at hand. Even the dirtiest chimneys are easier to climb down when you know there’s milk and cookies waiting on the other end.

Spread the festive cheer (and chores)
You might not have the kind of skilled labour Santa has at his disposal, but life is easier with a little help from those close to you. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to those you trust. Twasme Share lets you instantly share info with anyone you choose and uses live editing and updates to make sure everything stays on track for the big day. ‘Tis the season for helping others after all.

Write a list, check it twice
OK so you’ve got everything written down, prioritised and delegated. However, your day might still be too hectic to keep things up to date every second. That’s ok. But to help keep your Christmas time management optimised, make a commitment to check and update Twasme twice a day. Once in the evening, to make sure you mark of everything you achieved that day (*pats self on back*), and once in the morning to make sure you are clear on the plan of action for the day ahead.

Backing this up with a full morning routine will help build even more momentum for the rest of the day too. Check out our Productive Morning Routine blog for more details.

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