Declutter your personal organisation

Declutter your personal organisation


Declutter your personal organisation with Twasme

Did you know that the average person wastes twelve days a year looking for things that they know they have, but just can’t find? Twelve days! That’s like wasting your summer holiday by spending every second looking for your room key.

We would never agree to waste so much time in one block, so why do we still approach personal organisation in a way that lets it slip through our fingers little by little?

How organised are we really?

When it feels like our personal organisation is all on track, we can often be wasting time and energy without even noticing.

Hard copies, digital files, personal diaries, shared calendars, emails, letters, that little chalkboard on the kitchen wall… by storing everything we need in individual locations, in a variety of formats, and using a wide range of systems, we accidently make finding and using that information more time consuming and complicated than it needs to be.

Decluttering with Twasme

We live in a time of technology, with an app for every task. But when it comes to optimising your personal organisation, Twasme has been designed to be the app for every task – letting you declutter your life by:

  • Saving all file types in one easy-to-access central location
  • Cutting down paper in the home by scanning hardcopy documents
  • Ditching multiple diaries and calendars with built-in appointments and reminders
  • Sharing all your need-to-know information, files, to-do-lists, key dates etc. with those closest to you using Twasme Sync
  • Replacing multiple restrictive and limited functionality apps for a flexible, all-in-one personal organiser app

Claim back lost moments

Put an end to the frustration of scrolling through 100 apps for 100 different tasks, flicking through folders for that file you stored ‘in a safe place’, and looking under the fridge for the shopping list that was on the door just yesterday.

Discover the difference decluttering your home and your phone can make to both your personal organisation and your personal time.

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