Fun Festive Parenting Hacks

Fun Festive Parenting Hacks


Just think how well-behaved young family members would be if they thought Mum and Dad had a direct line to Santa. Well, we’ve worked up a little Christmas magic that will let all parents with a ‘Twasme Share’ account receive live updates from the North Pole!

Fair warning, these parenting hacks are a little devious and may well land you on Santa’s naughty list. But on the other hand, they should help keep the kids in line for a stress-free festive period. We’ll let you decide if it’s worth the risk.

Here are our Fun Festive Parenting Hacks for ‘Twasme Share’ users:

Live Update Naughty & Nice List

How great would it be to get live updates from Santa’s Naughty & Nice list? Well, now you can! In just 5 easy steps:

  • Create Entries of ‘Santa’s Naughty List 2019’ and ‘Santa’s Nice List 2019’ in Twasme
  • Pop a bunch of names on each Entry – including your little one/s
  • Use Twasme Share to instantly share the Entries with other adults in the house.
  • Get your partner in crime to listen in and switch names between the two lists using Twasme Share live editing.
  • Watch your little one’s amazement as their name moves from list to list based on their actions.

Left their bedroom in a mess? “Uh oh, look, now you’re on the Naughty List.”

Finished all your vegetables? “Phew, okay, back on the Nice List!”

This little trick should keep them on their best behaviour right up until bedtime on Christmas Eve, but by Boxing Day you’ll be on your own again. Sorry folks.

Live Update Letters to Santa

Keep the Christmas magic going by letting your kids talk directly to Santa. No more mailing letters to nowhere or burning notes up the chimney. Help Santa go eco-friendly with digital gift lists for 2019. Again, in 5 easy steps (imagine that):

  • Create an Entry with a title of your child’s name + ‘Christmas Wish List’
  • Use Twasme Share to instantly share the Entry with other adults in the house.
  • Sit down with your little one and have fun writing their Wishlist with them.
  • Once the list is complete, watch the screen and wait for a reply from Santa.
  • Again, watch their amazement as “Santa” (in the other room) adds to the Entry: “Thank you for your Wishlist [Child’s Name]! Now, make sure to stay on the ‘Nice List’ and I will stop my sleigh at your house on Christmas Eve! – Santa”

Go on! What are you waiting for? Make 2019 the most peaceful festive season ever, with Twasme Share.

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