Get more done together with Twasme Sync

Get more done together with Twasme Sync


Get more done together with twasme sync

“Honey, when are we going to…”

“Mum, where is my…”

“Alex, what did you want me to pick up from…”

Any of those sound familiar? We’re sure they do. Most of us can probably finish those sentences in our heads. And that’s exactly why we created the Twasme Sync functionality within the Twasme app.

It’s hard to keep every aspect of life organised and on track, especially when your life is woven into the busy lives of everyone around you. Kids, partners, friends, family – at some point we all need each other’s help. When that time comes, it’s important that everyone is on the same page and has access to everything they need to support one another. That’s where Twasme Sync comes in.

Twasme Sync – Get more done together

While Twasme enhances your personal organisation, the features of Twasme Sync let you take your productivity to the next level by keeping your entire inner circle in-the-loop. Allowing you to share with those closest to you by:

  • Sharing calendars – from Fluffy’s next vet appointment to Grandad’s 70th
  • Sharing to-do-lists – from the weekly shopping list to your summer holiday itinerary
  • Sharing financial plans – from scanned receipts to monthly budget management
  • Sharing unlimited topics – to collaborate without limits

Not only does Twasme Sync make it possible to share this information and more, you can update it all in real-time.

Live Sharing with Twasme Sync

Twasme Sync uses ‘Live Sharing’ every time you make a change. So, you can add to the family shopping list before Dad even reaches the supermarket, let everyone know Fluffy’s vet appointment has moved, and make sure you don’t arrive in Miami with two inflatable unicorns and no sun-screen again this year.

Ready, set, sync!

Give it a try with your family and friends to start reclaiming precious time (and even money) by putting an end to missed dates, duplicated tasks and wasted effort.

Learn more about how you can collaborate instantly and get more done in less time with Twasme Sync.

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