How to plan a productive morning routine

How to plan a productive morning routine


Productive Morning Routine Step 1: Wake up at 5am… Just kidding! Getting up super early isn’t always the best way to be more productive or make your day feel like it has more hours in it. It’s more about finding a routine that works for you, let’s you start the day right and finish it strong. Everyone’s life is totally different, so we are not going to get into specific timings or tasks. But, the three tips below are solid advice for anyone wanting to lay the foundations of a consistent and productive morning routine.

Don’t let ‘Morning Me’ decide.

Let’s face it, first thing in the morning most of us aren’t at our sharpest. If we left our morning routine up to ‘Morning Me’ we’d end up with some pretty erratic results. Until your morning routine becomes, well, routine, you need to plan what you are going to do the night before. Remove the options ‘Morning Me’ has, and therefore remove the opportunity to waste time or skip things. Be specific too, don’t just say ‘have breakfast’. Plan exactly what you will have for breakfast and at what time. Remove as many options as possible to streamline the start of your day.

Keep it to the mornings.

At least to begin with anyway. Don’t try to plan the whole day. Just as we recently talked about in our ‘Developing Good Habits’ blog, if you try to take on too much it becomes hard to maintain. One thing falls out of place in the afternoon section of your routine and your mind might break the cycle and convince you that the morning routine might as well go out the window too. Don’t worry. You’ll soon start to notice how a productive morning routine creates momentum that carries through the rest of your day, without over-planning.

Habits become routines.

To the same end as limiting your routine to the mornings, for some people, it might be best to start by focusing on building one morning ‘habit’ before you move on to a full morning routine. Habits are like the building blocks of routines. Perhaps start simply by getting out of bed at a consistent time, on the dot! Once you’ve forgotten what the snooze button looks like, add something else and build from there. Before you know it, you’ll have a full and highly productive morning routine. If this sounds like it might help you, you’ll definitely want to check out our ‘Developing Good Habits’ blog.

Go for it!

The best thing is, you can start right away. Don’t wait for a Monday or the 1st of the month. That’s just stealing time from yourself. Any morning has an equal chance to be the first step towards your new, productive morning routine. Why not make it tomorrow?…

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