How to stop wasting time

How to stop wasting time


There simply aren’t enough hours in the day. Ever heard that before? Well, sadly if we are honest there are exactly enough hours in a day. It’s just that we unknowingly waste so many of them.

That’s why we created Twasme; to help stop wasting time and get more done in the hours we have available to us. However, even a great productivity app will only help so much if we don’t watch out for wasteful activities that quietly eat up our precious time. Here are a few of the biggest threats to our daily productivity.

  • Social Media

Don’t get us wrong, social media has its good points. For one, it probably helped you find this blog, so this might seem a little contradictory. But the key is not to cut out social media altogether – it can be a great way to keep in touch – the trick is to spot when you are scrolling the hours away to no real end. Yes, funny animal videos make us feel good, for a second. But what makes us feel even better long term is getting stuff done! Don’t let social media get in the way of your day.

  • Don’t try to do it all

This might sound a little backwards but trying to get a lot done is often a sure way to get very little done. Multi-tasking can actually hinder your productivity by dividing your attention, so that tasks take you longer than if you focussed on them individually. Tick things off one by one and you’ll find you stop wasting time and get more done in the end. The same goes for taking on too many tasks from others. Saying “yes” all the time is an easy way to feel the pressure to multi-task in the first place. Learn to say no once in a while.

  • Procrastination

The opposite of trying to do too much, is trying to avoid doing anything at all! The art of procrastination is one we have all mastered in some form. As mentioned in point 1 above, some of us choose endless scrolling on social media, but procrastination comes in many forms. Whatever form your procrastination takes (and you might not even notice it) check out our ‘How to Beat Procrastination’ blog to help you stop wasting time and boost your productivity.

Give it a go! Try setting some time limits on your social surfing, take care of your own tasks before helping everyone else, and learn our easy tricks for ‘How to Beat Procrastination’. You might just start to feel like there are enough hours in the day after all.

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