Long Press – Access the Action Menu

Long Press – Access the Action Menu


So, you’ve gotten to grips with Twasme and think you’re ready to up the ante, harness the power of the app’s shortcuts, and get even more done in even less time? Well, we’ve got a Twasme Pro Tip that will let you do just that.

But first, some basics!
You may already have noticed that as you navigate the various areas of Twasme there is often a three-dot icon in the top right corner of your screen. Pressing these three dots brings up the ‘Context Menu’.

Depending on what area of Twasme you are currently viewing, bringing up the Context Menu will offer a range of options, including; sorting, moving, adding entries, marking favourites, changing associated images and even deleting content. Not all options will be available on all screens, but you’ll quickly become familiar with the options as you navigate the app and test out the Context Menu for each area.

Ready to go Pro?
Once you’re confident with all the areas of the app and their Context Menu options, a lot of users like to step things up a gear. This Twasme Pro Tip will let you access and use the advanced features of the Context Menu even faster with the Twasme Action Menu.

To access the Twasme Action Menu, select almost any item in the Twasme app, such as a Topic or Entry. However, rather than tapping to view the menu for that Topic or Entry, press down and hold your finger in place. The relevant Action Menu will then appear, allowing you to instantly access the options you need.

Context Menu vs Action Menu
Twasme is designed to be flexible, and ultimately, whichever menu you choose to use is down to personal preference. For the most part the options are identical, with the access route being the key difference.

Some users prefer to stick to the traditional three-dot Context Menu. However, for those who embrace the Action Menu, this Twasme Pro Tip ultimately saves button taps, which in turn saves valuable time. And at the end of the day, that is exactly what Twasme was built to do!

Give the Action Menu a go today and look out for more Twasme Pro Tips in future.

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