Relaxing Rituals – Maximise Your Personal Productivity

Relaxing Rituals – Maximise Your Personal Productivity


Look at you go, what a productive day you just had at work! Now you’re off the clock and on your own time, when everything you do is for you and those you care about. So why is it many of us let our productivity fall off a cliff when we leave work? Don’t we owe ourselves as much productivity as we give our employers? (Self-employed folks, we hear you giggling in the back.)

Sometimes personal productivity means coming home and doing you taxes, washing clothes, and cleaning the bathroom, but other times it means spending your tax refund on new clothes, and taking a bubble bath in your sparkling clean tub.

It’s all about balance – keeping your personal productivity high by being good to yourself in a rounded way to stay happy and healthy. Here are a few neat tricks we use to help make that happen:

Pick a ‘Reset Ritual’

It can be easy to bring work (or at least the emotions of work) home with you. This can lead to you feeling down or even spending all evening thinking about tomorrow’s workload.

Try to pick out a small ritual to do as soon as you get home or leave work. It could be to get a coffee from your favourite café on the way home, to go for a walk with your dog, or listen to your favourite playlist. The ritual just needs to be something easy to maintain.

Your ritual will become like a reset button. A little enjoyable buffer between your work time and your personal time. By the time you are done with it, you’ll be ready to start the next phase of your day with a clean slate and renewed energy.

Switch Off

No, not your mind. We still need it for your personal productivity goals. Switch off anything work related that is not 100% essential to keep on; push notifications on your work emails or group chats for example. In an ideal world, we shouldn’t have access to work outside of work hours, but in the real world at least we can mute it.

Practice Mindfulness

This is one of our favourites and we’ll be doing a full blog on it later (so be sure to check back soon). For now, try using mindfulness as a way to prioritise. Often when we feel overwhelmed, there’s really just one or two things we need to tick off our lists before we start to feel more balanced again.

Take a brief moment, perhaps in the car or at home, to sit down with no distractions and focus on what you need to do first. (Not somewhere too comfortable, or you might not get back up.)

Get a Morning Routine

Who says your personal time has to come at the end of the day? Before you go giving all your energy to your work, spend some of it on yourself. Not only will it send you out the door in a better mood, it’ll mean you have less to do when you come back in the evening.

You don’t need to be a “morning person” to do this either! Check out our ‘Productive Morning Routine’ blog for quick tips for getting each day off to a flying start.

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