The key to developing good habits

The key to developing good habits


When examining our lives there are a bunch of things we would probably do differently, better, or more often. However, it is human nature to fall into patterns of doing things, and as much as we would like to develop good habits, we often miss the fact that we are already in the habit of not doing things.

This can be a hard habit to break, but here are a few steps that will have you cutting out negative or lazy habitual behaviour and starting to form habits that will help you claim more time back each day for the things that matter most.

1.     Start with one

There will probably be 5, 10, 20 habits you would like to introduce to your life, but unless you start with just one, and a small one at that, you may struggle to stick to any of them. Make it easy on yourself. Learning habits is a habit in itself, so start small so you can stick to it and lay a foundation for more to come in due course.

2.     Give yourself no option

For the first few habits you learn, leave no room for variation. Pick a habit and do it the exact same way every day for a month. Leaving options open as to when and how you do something only makes it easier for the habit to slip. Aim for same time, same method, same goal, same outcome. Leave the finetuning for once it’s already a habit.

3.     Tell someone about it

This is all about accountability. Tell someone close to you what habit you are working on and they will keep you honest, most importantly with yourself. Pick someone you trust, that will be able to keep you in check if they catch you slipping and that will motivate you to keep you on track!

4.     Have fun with it

Especially for your first few habits, make them fun and with an obvious and immediate benefit. As mentioned before, the process of how to develop good habits is a habit in itself. That said, don’t be too hard on yourself and be sure to reward yourself. You earned it after all!

So, what will your first habit be?…

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