The Ultimate Bucket List

The Ultimate Bucket List


Build the ultimate bucket list with Twasme, the personal organiser app

At Twasme, we are all about making time for the things that really matter. It’s why we created an all-in-one organiser app; designed to reclaim all the lost moments we waste each day duplicating effort, missing appointments, searching for things we know we have but stored “too safely” etc.

Sadly, no matter how organised we are, there will never be enough time to do and see everything the world has to offer. But with an Ultimate Bucket List, we can put our time and energy into the ones that matter most to us. Living our best lives and having no regrets. (Well, maybe the odd one. Thanks, Tequila.)

Of course, we have our Ultimate Bucket Lists stored in Twasme, but they contain waaay too many must-do activities for a single blog post. So, here are our four favourite picks to inspire you – some small, some EPIC! Would any of these make it on your Ultimate Bucket List?

Hike the Pacific Crest Trail

There is nothing like the fresh air and scenery of the great outdoors to clear the mind and take stock of what really matters. So just imagine how clear we would all be thinking after hiking 2,650 miles of it. Taking most people around 5 months, this truly is a once in a lifetime experience and an incredible achievement for those who finish the route.

Learn a second language

Not everything on our Bucket Lists has to be an epic adventure. There’s an incredible sense of fulfilment to be found in accomplishing personal challenges such as learning a new language. Something that can be done inexpensively, in spare time, and without even leaving home. Although, we’re sure you’ll want to get out there and practice your new skills on as many holidays as possible!

Food & Drink – Distil your own gin with Edinburgh Gin.

Okay, we love gin… But this is another wonderful must-do activity that is relatively inexpensive, for those in the UK at least. Spend the day in Scotland’s historic capital, learning secrets of the gin trade, exploring aromas and flavours, carefully selecting your botanicals and proudly distilling your very own gin. If it doesn’t taste too terrible you can even order more; as Edinburgh Gin keeps your recipe on record. Immortality in a bottle! Not a bad one for the Bucket List.

Sky Dive

Needless to say, this one is not a must-do activity for everyone! But, for any true daredevils out there, it might be the biggest adrenaline rush going. Free falling from over 10,000ft, with nothing between you and the ground but a cord-pull and a prayer. It might be a good idea to save this one for the end of your Ultimate Bucket List. Just in case…

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