Top 5 Party Planning Tips

Top 5 Party Planning Tips


Did somebody say party?! Depending on whether you’re doing the party planning or simply a name on the guestlist, hearing the P-A-R-T-Y word can either trigger feelings of pure stress or absolute joy.

As a party guest, having a good time is pretty much your only responsibility. But as the person doing the party planning, the list of tasks can feel endless. Luckily, whether you’re the host(ess) with the most(est) or don’t know your RSVP from your elbow, we’ve got 5 party planning tips to help you organise anything from a shindig to a soirée.

Twasme’s Top 5 Party Planning Tips

1)     Lists are a host’s best friend – The first thing (after creating a new Topic for your party in Twasme) is to write your party planning checklist. We like splitting ours into sections – Food – Drink – Decorations – Guestlist etc. but at least by having one you can make sure everything is ticked-off come P-Day.

2)     Collect inspiration from anywhere – From the perfect DIY centrepiece to ‘Cake Boss’ level icing, whether you want to download images direct from sites like Pinterest or take a quick snapshot in your local bakery window, Twasme’s flexible storage lets you save all your party planning inspiration in one convenient place.

3)     Don’t over-extend yourself – There is no surer way to ruin a party for yourself than adding the stress of financial strain. Twasme’s financial tools will help keep your party pennies in check. Set a budget and stick to it. It might mean the sculpted ice swan doesn’t make the cut, but your guests will be happier with a smiling host swanning around and making them feel welcome.

4)     Set invitation reminders – Formal or informal, getting invitations out is a big box to tick-off your party planning checklist. After all, a party isn’t much fun without guests. Set reminders in Twasme to send invites early and to follow up well in advance. This gives guests time to RSVP and gives you time to chase any that forget (there’s always one, right?).

5)     Make it a shared celebration – Even with the best organised party planning checklists there can be challenges for a solo host. Cake needs picking up same time as the present? Last guests landing at the airport as the first guests are arriving at your door? No problem. With Twasme Sync, you can share tasks with those close to you – with real time updates to keep everything on schedule. Giving you back time and energy to enjoy more of your own party.

Big or small, from baby showers to bachelor parties, graduations to retirements, try creating a party planning checklist and organising your next celebration with Twasme. Available free, on the App Store and Google Play.

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