Twasme How To: Creating Topics for Personal Organisation

Twasme How To: Creating Topics for Personal Organisation


Get started with the fundamental personal organisation tool Twasme has to offer – Topics, with our easy how to guide.

Topics are how Twasme allows you to organise everything you need into manageable areas that make the most sense to you and your lifestyle. And because life has no limits, there is no limit to the number of Topics you can create.

If Twasme is the digital home for all your personal organisation, then Topics are the foundation upon which that home is built. Actually, that’s not a bad analogy, as you could even create a Topic to help manage renovations or build your dream home! But more on that later.

First, we’re going to start your journey to next-level personal organisation by creating your first Twasme topic. Here’s how:

Creating a Topic in Twasme

You can create a new topic by tapping the (+) icon on the home screen. When creating a new Topic, you need to give it a title e.g. Home Improvements.

Your Topic will also need a cover image. This can be a photo from your camera roll or one of the great selection available in Twasme’s ‘Global Image Library’.

TIP: Making your cover image relevant to the Topic will help you recognise it again once you have your whole life organised in the app!

Once you’re happy with the name and image you’ve selected, simply click ‘Save’.

That’s it! Your first personal organisation Topic, that you have created, is now waiting for you on the home screen. You can now create as many Topics as you like, and here are a few suggestions of popular themes to get you started:

Popular Twasme Topics:
Holiday Planning – From tickets and reservations to packing lists and passport reminders
Pet Care – Store all Fluffy’s records and make sure they never miss a V-E-T appointment
Family – Keep track of everything from the kids’ school grades to birthdays
Health & Medical – Records, referrals, reminders, for you, or the people you care for
Home Renovations – Stay on track with permits, plans, contractor details and more

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